tvRTG Conakry is a fast growing TV station with the number of dedicated audiences increasing every day. It is a great platform to connect to the audiences. Sponsorships are available with RTG Conakry. Here are some advantages our sponsors can have.

  • Create a bond between your business and the community
  • Create a positive image for your business and develop trust with the community
  • Build name recognition due to repeated exposure
  • Offer a competitive advantage over your competitors by being the only sponsor in your industry.
  • Sponsorship is different from advertisements in that there in do clutter. We only offer a limited number of advertising opportunities.

Our sponsors should follow certain guidelines. These include:

  • About 15 seconds of acknowledgement
  • Name of product(s) and/or services(s)
  • Company location
  • Number of years in business
  • Telephone number, email address and website
  • Descriptions of products or services
  • Appropriate application of sound for enhancing visual appeal.
  • No price reference must be given.
  • No ‘call to action’ to buy products or services

We do not allow any manufacturer or distributor of alcohol or tobacco to be our sponsor. We also don’t allow any company involved with the adult entertainment market to be our sponsor. Any company having direct affiliation with any political party is not allowed to be our sponsor. For more details regarding our sponsorship guidelines, please contact or sponsorship department.