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There are a number of ways in which you can set up an online radio station. All you need is a computer, free software and a microphone. The costs differ according to the types of radio and also whether you are a hobbyist or a professional. Here are the best tools that can be used to set up your radio station.

Radio hardware and software

In order to make a radio station, you need a computer, microphone, and headphones so that you can records, speak and hear yourself. The better tools you have, the better everything will sound. You need a software. This software can be something that you can get online or a dedicated software for hosting the radio. Some of the online software are free. You need some way of playing and recording voice on your computer. There are many free tools available for this work for Mac, Windows and Linux. Many of these tools can convert your recording into a stream for you, either with extensions or without. You can try using Audacity or Winamp as a start.

Legal warning about hosting radio online

It may be fun to host your radio station, but you should also consider the legal aspect of it. You must make sure that you have the rights to broadcast all music played online. You also need to check with the local authorities to find out whether there is any local broadcasting rule. In case of some places, you may need to pay rights for digital broadcasting. You can also have a collector who will calculate your costs depending on the number of listeners you have.

Using free radio station

One way to host your radio station for free is using shoutcast. Even though the tools that you need to set up varies, the process of setting up a host is very simple using shoutcast. You will find many online resources to learn more about shoutcast. There are lots of forums where you might get help in setting up your host using shoutcast. Free Stream Hosting is another free host. This is actually partially free as it is only free up to 1000 users. After that they charge for their service. They will place ads on your sites and start making money.

Creating a live radio station

sdad‘Spreaker’ is a tool that is similar to Google On Air or Using tools from the ‘Spreaker’ site, you can record your show live or record it. You can keep all shows and share them with your friends through Facebook feed or followers on Spreaker. Spreaker gives you a user-friendly console for managing voice, special effects and your music library. You can easily invite your friends to follow your shore, share the episodes of your show on Facebook, and tag them as well.

DIY radio station

If you have a great amount of upstream bandwidth, then you can stream directly from your PC. But practically, most people don’t have that. So, you should forget about streaming directly from your PC. It will cost you very little every month. The cost depends on the size of your audience. Initially, you will probably need $10 per month. When the number of audiences of your radio station increases, the cost increases too. You will be responsible for all the technical details and promotion of your radio stream.

When making your own online radio station, you need to find out how professional you want your radio station to be. You need to consider if some advertising can be allowed or it will outweigh technical needs and costs. The easiest methods don’t give you access to all the features. For example, tools like Spreaker, and doesn’t give mp3 stream for sharing. It makes use of social sharing for sharing with friends. These tools are great for a fun project, but not for a professional one. Using free radio stream host like FreeStreamHosing and Shoutcast can be used for a semi-professional set up. If you are looking for a more professional setup, then you will need a different host.

Internet has a huge resource on how to set up a radio station. There are lots of free and paid tools that you can use. You will get tips on setting up both free and professional radio stations. You will find lots of examples as well. Just read through before you start setting up your own radio station.

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