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Radio is one of the major telecommunications in Guinea. The people of Guinea are the poorest in West Africa. Radio is the most important source of information for the public in Guinea. It is the only way news or information can reach the entire country. There is one government-owned radio network and a number of private radio stations.

Audience participation programs are very popular. Most private FM stations have at least one daily phone-in show. Several community stations in the government’s Radio Rurale network also broadcast phone-ins and round-table debates where local people have their say on topical local issues. This radio uses local language a lot. The government began to license private radio stations in 2005, which ended the monopoly of the state broadcaster Radiodiffusion Television Guineenne (RTG). It is a state-run radio broadcast station. It also operates in different rural areas. It is one of the largest radios in Guinea. The radio broadcasts on 88.5 FM to Conakry and other nearby areas from 29 relay stations. It broadcasts in French and other local languages. Within in 2010, there were 17 private radio stations in Guinea, most of which were based in Conakry.

Espace FM

Espace FM is an informational online radio in Guinea. Here, you will find information on various things that helps people to be connected with the world affairs. Listeners will get lots of news updates from this radio.

Bonheur FM Guinee

Bonheur FM Guinée headquarter is located in Conakry, Guinea. It transmits live in French. It mainly telecasts local and international news and various popular programs that are popular in Africa.

Radio Nostalgie Guinee

It is the first private radio station opened in 2006. It is an informational and musical radio station that broadcasts online for 24 hours a day. This is the best place for all in one radio programs for those who love to hear music and news.

Radio Kaloum Stereo 94.9 FM (RKS)

It is a music and entertainment radio station. It broadcasts in French from 08.00 until midnight in Conakry only. There are short news bulletins every hour and longer 15-minute news programs. RKS also carries a lot of sports coverage. The station mainly targets young people.

Radio Rurale de Guinée

It is a government-owned network of 23 local FM stations that covers most part of Guinea. In the 1990s, the first two Radios Rurales were set up. By 2011 Radio Rurale claimed that its network covered 90% of Guinea’s land area. There are four regional stations based in Kindia, Kankan, Labe and Nzérékoré. Radio Rurale stations relays Radio Guinéenne’s main evening news program in French. Most of their own programs are in local languages and deals with farming, health, social and economic development, education, etc.

There are many more private radios across Guinea. Though most of them concentrate on the capital, there are also stations in the other parts of Guinea. These radio stations are doing an excellent job is transmitting news to every corner of Guinea and entertaining the audiences out there.

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