LowellRTG Conakry is a popular TV station in Guinea for English speakers. It has been serving audiences in Guinea for more than 20 years with news, entertainment and community service. This TV station is the number one choice of English speakers living in Guinea for reliable news and information. It is known for its quality, balanced journalism, with a focus on local news and community service.

Quality programing has been a priority for RTG Conakry always. It has some very high quality programs with good ratings. TV programs inlclude news, entertainment, sports, weather, traffic, shows and many more. The number of audiences is growing. The TV station is also growing in terms of more coverage. We have journalists across the globe to give us updates on the latest news of the world. Our technology has improved within the TV station which allows fast processing of information. We take audience feedback seriously and try to improve our service. Our TV is a great platform for advertisers. If you are interested you can contact us.